Portuguese things to do in June – UPDATED

Portuguese Heritage MonthJune Event Listings For Portuguese Heritage Month

June is Portuguese Heritage month in Vancouver and there are a lot of events taking place across the Province with something for everyone. From festas to a book club, take time this month to celebrate your Portuguese heritage. Think about bringing your Canadian friends to one of these events like Continue reading “Portuguese things to do in June – UPDATED”

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June 11th – Eat Sardines on Italian Day

Sardines & Portuguese BunsFinding Pieces of Portugal: Sardines & Papo-Secos 

Okay, so technically this event is about being Italian.  However, the Portuguese Club of Vancouver participates on Italian Day on The Drive every year serving up grilled sardines and chicken on the street in front of the club’s entrance.  You also get a fresh papo-seco (Portuguese bun) on the side and don’t forget to order a Sumol.  Get there early Continue reading “June 11th – Eat Sardines on Italian Day”

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