European Portuguese Language Classes for Adults: Beginner LevelsLearn European Portuguese

Are you interested in learning European Portuguese? Maybe you speak a little bit already and want a refresher to help you be more confident in your language skills. Perhaps, you don’t know any Portuguese but want to learn so you can communicate with your (future) Portuguese family members or maybe you’re planning a trip to Portugal soon. Well, you’re in luck! Portugal in Vancouver offers beginner level European Portuguese classes for adults. To learn more, click on the link below.

European Portuguese Language Classes for Adults

Finding Pieces of Portugal in Vancouver

Portugal in Vancouver Postcard

Portugal in Vancouver strives to bring you the latest news on Portuguese events in Metro Vancouver and from across the Province. This site is all about finding pieces of Portugal in Vancouver for you to enjoy, so join the over 1,500 people who follow Portugal in Vancouver and be the first to know about the next festa, concert, play, film festival and more.

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Portu-blog in Vancouver

What started off on Facebook, has now expanded into a blog. Although Facebook is a wonderful platform to share information, its newsfeed algorithms restrict you from seeing every post and you might miss out on an event. It’s also difficult to search for old posts. These are some of the reasons why Portu-blog was created.

Portu-blog in Vancouver will house information on all events in one location making it easier for you to find out about the latest and greatest Portuguese things happening in our community. There will also be a little splash of history and other fun facts thrown into the blog for your enjoyment. Plus contests and giveaways!  So follow Portu-blog in Vancouver and never miss an event.

See our Policy page for information on what types of events we promote.

Have an event you want to share? Drop me a line with all the details. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Wait! There’s More!

This website isn’t just a blog. There are a number of great resources under Community Contacts. Also, learn about the services we offer like advertising, sponsored posts, European Portuguese language classes and tutors, and market research. If you have any questions, you can always send an email to info@portugalinvancouver.ca.

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