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Let Us Find A Tutor For You

Do you want to learn Portuguese but don’t have the time to commit to one of our beginner language classes?  Maybe you’re travelling to Portugal soon and just want to learn the basics before your trip? Perhaps you know a little bit of Portuguese and want a refresher to help you be more confident in your language skills. Then you need a tutor.

For a small fee of $35.00 + GST, Portugal in Vancouver will connect you with an experienced tutor whose mother tongue is European Portuguese.  A number of our tutors are also certified teachers who teach in public and private schools here in Metro Vancouver.  Portugal in Vancouver will match you with a tutor who best meets your needs.

Fill out the form below to get started on your journey to learning Portuguese. Have questions? Read on past the form for our FAQ for Students and FAQ for Tutors.



When do I have to pay?
Portugal in Vancouver charges a one-time finder’s fee of $35.00 + GST which you can pay via your bank’s electronic payment system or PayPal. You pay this fee only when a suitable Portuguese language tutor is available to connect with you.

What happens after I pay?
You will be connected via email with a suitable tutor. You will be given their name and email address and then you and your tutor will decide days, times, location, and fees as well as any other terms.

Do you run a Criminal Record Check on tutors?
We do not run any sort of background check. However, a few of our tutors who work for public and private schools do have a valid Criminal Record Check (CRC). If this is of concern to you, then please make it known you would like a tutor with a valid CRC when you fill out your application form. We suggest that parents or students ask to see these documents during the first lesson if it is a concern for them.


How can I be added to Portugal in Vancouver’s list of tutors?
Send an email to with your contact information, experience (i.e. resume) and availability and we will get back to you with a response.

How much does it cost to be on Portugal in Vancouver’s list of tutors?
For tutors, it is totally free to sign up with Portugal in Vancouver.

How will I hear from prospective students?
Prospective students will fill out the form on this page. Portugal in Vancouver will contact tutors via email who meet the needs and requirements of the prospective students such as location and days of the week. If you are available to tutor a prospective student, then we will connect you to them via an email introduction. You will be given their name and email address and then you and your student (client) will decide days, times, location, and fees as well as any other terms.

How do I receive payment for my tutoring services?
Your fees and payment schedule are determined by you, the tutor.

Do I need a Criminal Record Check to become a tutor?
A Criminal Record Check is not a requirement, but some clients do find it reassuring. It is always helpful to have references available for clients to see.

Do I need qualifications to be a tutor?
While it is beneficial to have official qualifications, they are by no means essential to be a tutor. Knowledge and experience teaching/tutoring European Portuguese is the only prerequisite.

Does Portugal in Vancouver employ tutors?
No, we do not. All the tutors that we find for prospective students (clients) are self-employed.

I’m an international student, can I still tutor in Canada?
For this information please check the terms of your student/study visa to ensure you are allowed to work on a self-employed basis in Canada.

For further questions or additional information, please send an email to

Created February 18, 2018
Updated September 19, 2021
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