Portuguese Language Resources

European Portuguese Language Resources

Portuguese Language Resources

Provided below is a list of European Portuguese language resources from dictionaries to movies to help you practice your Portuguese.  If you are taking our European Portuguese Language Classes for Adults, then you can use these resources to help supplement your journey to learning Portuguese with us. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, then email them to info@portugalinvancouver.ca


European Portuguese Translator – Can view on desktop or download the app.

Dictionary app – From Porto Editora, a dictionary app available in Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese


Lidel – A publisher in Portugal with mostly academic books.

Porto Editora – A publisher in Portugal with a variety of books from fiction to non-fiction.


Practice Portuguese

Portuguese Lab

Portuguese with Carla 

Talk the Streets


Portuguese Lab

Practice Portuguese

Learning Portuguese is Fun

Mia’s Portuguese Podcast

Convença-me num Minuto


RTP – Similar to what CBC is in Canada.

Diário de Notícias

Jornal de Notícias

Notícias ao Minuto


Disney Movies – The European version of Disney movies. The movies have been broken up into shorter clips, so you need to select the playlist option to watch a full movie.

Disney Songs – The European Portuguese version of Disney songs.


Os Gatos Não têm VertigensCats Don’t Have Vertigo and it’s also free.

A Mãe é que SabeMother Knows Best. Surprisingly, the full version of it is on YouTube and free.

A Gaiola Dourada / La Cage DoréeThe Gilded Cage is a wonderful movie directed by Ruben Alves and with a cast of Portuguese actors. Although it’s in French, I highly recommend you watch it. You can rent or buy it.

EMBARGO (from JOSÉ SARAMAGO’s story) – I haven’t seen this film, but I watched the trailer and it looks interesting and might be good. It’s free to watch and filmed in Coimbra.

Smiles | Imigrantes (Motivo para sorrir 152) – A 5 minute short documentary about Mr. Antônio, who returns to his home town in Portugal after 60 years.

Portuguese from Soho – Synopsis | The documentary “Portuguese from Soho – A documentary that tells the story of the Portuguese emigrants that arrived in SoHo, NY after the Second World War. (The link I provided is only a short trailer for the film. If you’d like to get the full copy, you can order it from the Arte Institute here: http://store.arteinstitute.org/DVDPortugueseFromSoho

Sangue do Meu SangueBlood of My Blood is a tale that follows the Fialho family, ostensibly prosaic, blue-collar people who gradually become embroiled in a web of intrigue and infidelity that threatens their simple life at every turn. If you watched the film, “A Gaiola Dourada / La Cage Doree,” you’ll recognize one of the main actresses, Rita Blanco.

Nós, Portugueses – Partir para não Chegar – A documentary about Portugal and the Portuguese people. It reveals how there is an economic, social and family lottery that marks the path and limits the chances of climbing in life.

Introducing  Portugal [The Atlantic Community Series – NATO Documentaries, 1955] – This is a history lesson in English on Portugal from 1955. Its objective was to familiarize the public on each of the member countries of the Alliance (NATO) and to emphasize the national contributions to Western culture and political traditions, economic reconstruction and allied defense in the framework of NATO. It’s in English and I like seeing old films of Portugal and thought you all might like it too.

The Last Whalers of São Miguel – Inspired after reading Moby Dick, filmmaker Annette van Trigt decided to pay a visit to the Azores herself. São Miguel is one of 9 islands, and these days there are no reminders left of the cruel hunt for sperm whales of the past. This is to the great grief of the two last living whalers, who have lost all their cultural heritage due to poor island management. Against this background, the hunters describe how they were motivated by poverty to face some very dangerous battles at sea, which in turn resulted in unconditional camaraderie. Available on Netflix USA, Apple TV or YouTube.


RTP Play – lots of tv shows for both adults and children and even some movies. Just scroll down to see the catalogue.

Perdidos Lost is about six friends who decide to spend a weekend aboard a luxury sailboat and they get into trouble.

ZigZag – This is the children’s section on RTP Play. Just scroll down the RTP Play website a little bit until you get to ZigZag and you will see lots of shows for children which are also a great way for adults to learn Portuguese.



Pop Portugues 

fado Portuguese

Pop portugues e outros 

Portugal anos 70 80 & 90 

Portugal Anos 80 (70, 80 e 90)

Playlist de Semana #9: Classicos da Musica Portuguesa

Musica Popular Portuguesa 

Musica Popular Portuguesa (different playlist than the one above)

best of kizomba

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