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Port-blog in Vancouver – It’s About Time

For those who have been following Portugal in Vancouver on Facebook for the past 3 years, first off, muito obrigada! Secondly, Portu-blog is for you.  It’s where you can find all the same types of events, photos and stories that are shared on Portugal in Vancouver’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but better because it will all be in one place.

But maybe you’re asking why a blog? What’s wrong with Facebook? Well, there’s nothing wrong with Facebook. It’s a great platform to share information with all of you. However, its newsfeed algorithms restrict you from seeing every post and you might miss out on an event. It’s also difficult to search for specific posts on Facebook, so if you’re looking for that event I posted last week, it might take you a while to find it.

These are the reasons why Portu-blog was created.

Don’t worry, I’m not closing Portugal in Vancouver’s social media accounts. The blog will be a complementary component to the Portugal in Vancouver media family.

So faz favor, follow Portu-blog in Vancouver and never miss an event.

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